Friday, 10 November 2006


7 things that scares me
-Girls that dress like boys with short hair. Esp those with hair shorter than me. !!!
-Comp crashing. heeheehee.
-Mee. Maggie mee. Cause that time during np we ate maggie mee for lunch and dinner 3days non-stop. *shudders*
-Extremely geeky people. Those that can use the computer for 12hours non-stop. (Which Alvin and Lenson both claim to be normal people.)
-Guitar strings snapping. Cause I'll be too poor/lazy to buy new strings and I won't have a guitar. =(
-Roshan. Haha, I noob mah. (All the non-dota players won't get it. =P)

7 favourite music at the moment
-Ends of the Earth-Hillsong
-From the inside out-Hillsong United
-The Stand-Hillsong United
-Meant to live-Switchfoot
-Everywhere-Yellowcard/Michelle Branch
-An Qing-Jay Chou
-Just the girl-The Click Five

7 people i fancy
(No seriously, I don't 'fancy' anyone. =P)

7 things i said most

7 things i like most
-Acting/Being Weird
-My Computer
-Soccer =)
Playing Guitar

7 people needed to do this survey
I decided not to sabotage anyone. =P Good right?

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