Thursday, 2 November 2006

IEC Cinema 4d Train.

Completed in under 4hours. With extremely long breaks in between. Imo it was more like super easy beginner's course than anything. All step by step instructions that get repetitive after awhile. Should be harder? But then again, I went for the crash course and 2 advanced lessons already. =P

Didn't bother to texture and color. I hate texturing and colouring. Blarh, for the project Bibiana's going to have to do all the texturing and coloring. Or else I'll make everything hotpink. =P

No time to really texture and finish it nicely though. Haha, at least I did get something from making this train. Learned about the symmetry object. Symmetry seems like a cheapskate shortcut way to replicate an object. All automated one. =/

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