Monday, 6 November 2006


Sunday started with me waking up late for Church. Bleah. Church starts at 11 meaning i have to wake up at 9.30 to be there just in time. Woke up at 10.30. =S

Hence I just stayed at home playing dota until 12. Then my sis finally woke up. Called Bryan to meet him for lunch.

Sister realised her ezlink card was broke. Bleah. So we went to eat at Potong Pasir instead. =/ Left Bryan all by himself. Rained on the way to church, and we were late by 15minutes when we got there.

Haha, but Adriel was even later, he came at around 3.30...

Guitar practice was...ok...first part was learning how to tune a guitar. Bleah. And Adriel turned all the strings until they were untuned. Bleah. Quite ok, used both of Adriel's acoustic electric guitars. Weird, their made of plastic? and they have wires and stuff inside that knock around when you move the guitar about.

Bleahs, homework for guitar practice is to practise the 3 songs. Bleah, or else Adriel will untune everything and we can have lots of fun tuning the guitar again. Lots of fun.

Went Chomp chomp to eat dinner. Yea! Stingraysataysugarcanehokkienmeeprawnsfriedricecarrotcake.
Maybe I'm no longer underweight?

Alarm set at 8 yesterday, but i woke up at 9.30. =S Did as much as I could on the class movie before going to meet the rest for class chalet. Bleah, reached there at around 12.05. But still no one there yet. I think I should start arriving late and make everyone wait for me instead of wait for everything. Yea.

The chalet was fun. Went to check in, but the check in time was 2.30. So me, Alvin, Si peng, Jian hui, and Eugene went to eat. XD. It was funny lar, cause when we were eating 25minutes started playing and me and Jian hui were laughing like mad. Bleah, eating with them=sure to laugh.

Went white sands to buy bbq stuff. o.0 Also brought 12cans of jolly shandy. lol. and 3bottles of sparkling grape/apple. Haha, I think the renaming of items is getting weirder. Now it's mulopong, convoose, and neke?

Went back and lazed around playing blackjack. Then went out again to city hall. Jian hui Si Peng and Alvin are flithy rich lur! 69+ on a single billabong shirt. Haha, best part was they spent a total of $200 and got a free t-shirt which they gave to me. Thanks guys. lol. Should see Jian hui's shirt, the front looks really formal but the back is like gangster complete with spiked hair.

Ate macs at Boon Keng for dinner. Bleah. We wasted 50cents just to eat dinner with Koh...

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