Friday, 10 November 2006

Horror! Horror!!!

Miss Chew asked me to email Fionella today. GASP. I dunno what to say lur. Can't even remember what she looks like. It's like blind dating? XD Hopefully I'll recognize who she is tomorrow? I think she probably thinks I'm a weird geek now, but haha, least she doesn't read blogs.

Bleah, animating today. Animating your models=super laggy. And lag is not good. =( At least it's just a few more scenes to go. Until we have to animate our evaluation project. BLEAH.
Maybe I'll put the render later?

Bibi asked me to do some weird list thing. -.-

Haha, I'll do it later cause course is almost gonna end.

Ripped from bibi's blogBibiana ripped my design!!!

The above picture is purely satrical in content and not meant in any way to insult the prior owner nor entail any copyright infringements through intellectual property.

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