Saturday, 29 August 2009

Pipes In Sengkang.

Ryan came over to my house sometime in June to help take pictures of pens.

Lots and lots of pens.

In fact, we pretty much took pictures of all the pens in my house. Took about 1 hour to shoot all the pens, 3 hours to edit them onto 4 A3-sized pieces of paper, and an unknown number of hours to cut the pens out. Hahaha. Was for a collage on colour research that I had to do.


Then after taking pictures of pens, we went to catch the Sunset. Haha but on our way we realised the Sun was setting so we got off at a random LRT station and took pictures there.

The Sunset wasn't really nice though.

Then we hopped back onto the LRT to our destination.


Ryan acting cool. =P

We went to this place near Anchorvale Community Club/Swimming Complex which was full of pipes, hence the title of this post.

I think the place is pretty scary cause there's no one around. And it's just a bunch of pipes lying there. =O

Evidently, the pipes are used by NEWater.

Ryan the Model.

The pipes make a faint whistling sound when the wind blows through them. Creepy. Hahaha.

On our way to Macdonald's for dinner, we saw snails!

Was quite hard to get a good picture of the snails, since they were all by the curb on a slope. And it was dark by then.

Had dinner, then went home to start editing all the pens together.

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