Sunday, 16 August 2009

June Holiday Event.

This was sometime in June. Which is two months ago. =S It was an amazing race sort of thing at Sentosa where we were in groups of three. And I was grouped with Marcus and Emily. =)

Had to do stupid things like ask a stranger to pose in front of the Merlion. Haha.

Count the varieties of pizza sold.

Count the number of planks on the bridge to the Southern-most point of Continental Asia. I think it was about 427? Hahaha.

And scoop sand into a Khong Ghuan biscuit tin.

Saw this mysterious blob floating about! =O

It was from this foam machine they were testing nearby. Hahaha. Because the 9.87fm's Life's a Beach party was that Saturday I think.

Then we played Captain's Ball.

This guy was drawing on a tablecloth. =O

Cedric smiling. =)

Dragging David into the water. =D

Went swimming. The water at Sentosa is amazingly salty. Eee.

Then we went back to Corps for barbecue.

Remote flash.

Haha. Melanie and Timothy's shadows seated at a table.

Actual arrangement. Haha.

Then we had a movie screening. A walk to remember. Errr Clarissa's choice la. Haha. Then we stayed overnight doing random things like playing Taboo, and jamming a million and one songs. Went for breakfast at Kopitiam, then went home and crashed. Hahaha and I think I'm getting old cause I feel so tired after staying up for one night only. Gah.

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