Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Rock Climbing.

Last Wednesday was View Meng's birthday! Happy 16th Birthday! OLD!

Lessons were horrid. Chemistry was okay, but we had Chemistry extra lessons after school which led to about 2 and 1/2 hours of Chemistry for that day alone. And Chinese, Maths lessons were uber boring. Blee.Whose stupid idea was it to place 2 maths lessons back to back and then expect us to pay full attention in class during such lessons? =/

Got back our Chemistry mock exam results too. 38/70. That means I passed by 3 marks. =\ Shall start studying from this day week month onwards. =D

Had about half an hour for lunch before rock climbing started, so went for a rushed lunch with Lenson at Macdonald's, then went back to school.

Last lesson for rock-climbing. Tried out most of the walls, but you get tired after climbing/belaying for a while. Haha, hopefully I passed the course la. If not I've just wasted $30 and 4 Wednesday afternoons.

Went back to school after that, reached at around 7pm. Took 119 down to View Meng's house to celebrate his birthday. =D Played a bit of Halo, and I totally got thrashed cause I've not touched Halo (or an X-Box controller) for about 7 or 8 months? Last game I ever played was probably the Gears Of War Competition during the Inter UG Camp.

Went home at around 9pm after cutting the cake. Walked home with Anson from Sec 1. Haha. He told me about the stupidest and lamest situation he was in; him and his cousin being arrested for trying to break into his cousin's home as his cousin forgot to bring his house key. =D

Thursday was 2.4km run for PE. Bleh. My timing was like 12:49minutes? Horrible. I shall start jogging from this day week month onwards. =)

Wasn't really that tired after running, don't know why people were like going to die and complaining of muscle cramps everywhere and such.

Got back our Geography paper too. I scored 19/20 even though I didn't study, and didn't really complete writing on my points. But everyone's going to say I'm showing off. I honestly do not know how I score so high for Geography. It's just like how I don't know how I score so low for Maths.

Chemistry practical. I started heating this solid, then testing the gas given off for carbon dioxide using the limewater thing. But when I placed the delivery tube into the limewater, the limewater started rising, like it was being sucked up or something. And me being the stupid person watched it rise without doing anything. Then the limewater actually went into the test tube with the solid and there was this weird sound and everything in that test tube with the solid kind of exploded around inside and the limewater in the other test tube started smoking and I simply stood there with an O.o expression.

Naturally, I answered most of the questions for the practical wrongly. And the test tube broke too. =(

Presented for our English project too. Haha. We're the last group to present okay? Grand Finale you know? Anyways, Lenson's blog has the video if you're that interested in stalking me. =D

English extra lessons after school, ended at around 4pm. Went to View Meng's house again to help him finish his leftover food from the day before. (See I'm so helpful)

Word of advice: Don't drink Coca Cola with Coffee Ice Cream float at View Meng's house with Ivan and Chee Hock. Sure to suffer from mild insanity and hysteria. We laughed almost non-stop la. Starting from how Chee Hock and me had our Ice Cream Floats in nice glass cups, whilst Ivan had his float served in an Anlene cup. (The formulated Milk brand)

Then we started laughing about other things, like how Ivan looked at me whilst eating and such. Random man. Walked home whilst Chee Hock did stupid things on his bicycle with Ivan. Haha, and we laughed a lot even whilst walking home too.

Went home, started preparing for NPCC the next day, then slept at around midnight cause I spent an unhealthy amount of time in front of the computer..

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