Monday, 15 September 2008

Out With Hotshoe.

Rather picture-intensive post, so take your time to read it. =)

Went to sleep on Friday at 3am, and my alarm failed to wake me up again at 7am. I think the rain had something to do with it, because I went back to sleep upon seeing that it was raining. Woke up at 8am instead. =/

Haha. Went out with Ryan and Lenson to Bedok Reservoir because there was a dragon boating competition thing going on. Took 72 to the Reservoir, and tried taking pictures of the dragon boats but they were all rather far away.

Doggie! The dog was playing and chewing the water bottle. Haha.

Met Ryan's childhood friend and we started taking photos of her film camera. =D Rather fun. Of course, we tried taking pictures using her film camera too.

The camera has 4 separate shutters that open in intervals exposing different sections of the film, so you get like a collage movie clip effect. =O

If you look closely you can see me. Haha. =P

Lenson showing us the proper technique for taking a picture of yourself. *cough* 自脸

Went walking around Bedok Reservoir taking more pictures after that.

The three of us all secretly took pictures of this pro photographer when he wasn't looking. Haha. =D



Where's Lenson? Haha.

Walked past a playground. And went to play! Hahaha.

If you zoom in, you can see that Ryan has the most cheeky-looking-natural smile ever. =O

Weee! Played on the swings. Gosh. We seem rather childish. =)


Walked to the bus stop, took a bus back to Tampines Mall and had lunch at MacDonald's. =) Then didn't really know where to go after that, so went to MRT station to see where we could go. Almost decided to go to the Chinese Garden, but we chose to go to the Singapore Flyer in the end . =D

Train Tracks.

Took a train to City Hall, then walked to Marina Square, cut through to Pan Pacific.

Looking down.

Looking up. =)

Haha. I think we have many many pictures of each other. Lol.

Benjamin Shears Bridge.

Finally reached the Singapore Flyer and started shooting pictures. We didn't actually board the flyer, because we're all cheapskates. XD

Went to Popeye's for a while to slack and take more random pictures. And there was this really cute girl sitting next to us came up to our table and wanted to touch our cameras! =O

Hahaha. =P She kept running from our table to hers whilst eating.

Patrick hiding in my bag! =O

Checking out the view from Lenson's 70-200mm lens.


Went out to take more pictures. Then we walked back towards City Hall.

Used Lenson's 50mm prime lens to take some of the pictures. AHH I want a 50mm f1.8 prime lens now, it's so fun to use la. =D

Preparing for the F1 Night Race.

Ryan and Lenson pressing for the green man.

Marina Square.

Took a train down to Changi Airport after reaching City Hall. Because we had nothing better to do. =D

Lenson demonstrating the proper posture required to seat in the Priority seat. =)

Went exploring around Terminal 3. I've never been to Terminal 3 before. =O I think it's quite a cool place.

23.5 degrees cool, to be exact.

Had an early dinner at Popeye's. I've never eaten at Popeye's before too. =O

Went to the viewing hall after eating. Saw a really nice Sunset, but it was blocked by the glass windows.

Ah well, still looks very cool though. Like it was taken with a Lomo camera.


I think we looked really crazy taking stupid pictures of each other. Haha. =)

My bag. With Lenson's wide angle lens and my kit lens.

Messed around with black and white effects for quite a few pictures. =D

Took bus 27 to Sengkang and walked home. Quite stupid considering I could have taken a direct bus home. =D

Taken whilst walking home. Stood on the bridge looking stupid for 30 seconds. Haha. =X

Woah. That was 58 pictures. =O

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