Monday, 1 September 2008

Cross Country 2008.

Yes, I know it's lame. =D

So Cross Country was last Friday. Don't know if Cross Country is still an accurate term or not, since it was also a Treasure Hunt and Teacher's Day Concert. Outing at Punggol Park maybe? Haha.

Did a search on my blog for past entries on previous Cross Countries, and I started remembering lots of stuff that happened last year. Haha. I can still remember Hao Xiang doing that Weeeeeuuuu a long long time ago. And us all rushing down to Home Team Academy by public transport and realising that transport was provided when we reached. And Yi Hong and me trying to tape the flag more securely. =D

Then there's stuff that only the few of us know like Milo Girl, and Burger Boy, and 1 dollar coin/Solar System, and a whole bunch of other things which would be unsuitable for blogging. ;)

Okay I sound like a Senior Citizen talking about the past. =) Anyways, this year's Cross Country was held at Punggol Park. Went there really early in the Morning to catch the Sunrise.

Unfortunately, there wasn't really a Sun to take pictures of. Just lots and lots of clouds. =\

Anyways, everyone lined up, then the photographers split into groups. Went off with Lenson and Ryan to go take pictures of the Cross-Country run around the perimeter of Punggol Park, whilst Ivan and Stephen stayed near the starting/finishing line.

Randomly snapped pictures whilst walking to a suitable location and waiting around for the run to start.

Serangoon River. =)

Changing lens whilst talking on the phone. =O I don't think I'd ever dare do something like that, sure drop either the lens or the phone one. Haha.

The stray dog that was supposedly chasing after me. I was stuck with Lenson's wide angle lens and the dog would run off whenever I tried to get close. =/

Okay, most of my other pictures are of the Cross Country already, got lots of unglam shots of people running. Especially from Stephen whom took like 300+ people of people reaching the finishing line? O.O

There was a Teacher's day performance after that. Then went back to school after everything to collect our Prelim results. My results are very depressing.

Went back home and went out to Vivo with Koon Tat, Denise, Fiona and Stephen to buy a present for Ling Tong. =) Had lunch at Subway. Then walked around Vivo. Went back home for a while, then met Stephen and Ivan at Punggol end. Most pictures were taken by Stephen, so I won't post them here. =D

No Sun. =/

Taken with the help of Ivan's tripod. =)

Taken by Stephen.

Didn't go for Cell because it was really late already. =S Met this guy with his family at Punggol end who's a Canon 450D user but didn't bring his camera. =O And I got lots of Mosquito bites too. =X

Took bus 82 to Hougang because Stephen needed to meet his junior to help him tie some necklace. =P Met Hui Qin and her friend on the bus.

Met his junior at MacDonald's. He kept asking me to tell him more and more jokes la. -.- And his reactions to the jokes were super laggy. =D

"Dinner" because Stephen had spaghetti at home and I wasn't hungry. =)

Went home after that.

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