Saturday, 2 August 2008

Preparing For Prelims.

Blah. I'm a long way behind in blogging again. This will be a really long post. =D

Anyways, my week was rather tiring. Okay every week is tiring la. In conclusion, Ming hui is tired. =X Okay, erm, Taiwan and Thailand Scouts came to our school on Tuesday! Stephen got to skip Maths lessons because he's a Scout la. =(

Oh, and they were at the canteen taking a break during our recess time when I saw this girl taking photos of herself with her camera phone! EEE. And like 3 times too! Hahaha. Then this guy seated next to her noticed me looking at her taking pictures of herself and started pointing to me and laughing, at which I looked away haha. Okay that wasn't really funny. =/

Ah, then this happened sometime in school on Monday.

Ivan(irritatedly): "Ming hui can you please explain to Yi Peng what is format?"
Me: "Oh okay! (Turns to Yi Peng) Format right, is the thing you put in your house, made of some absorbent or synthetic material and with the purpose of removing any dirt or soil from your shoes. It is placed on the floor, hence it is called a floormat."
Yi Peng: "No but what does format mean for computer?"
Me: "Oh, you see, you place a floormat under your computer, so you can remove any dirt or soil from the underside of your computer when it gets dirty."
Yi Peng: "Then what does it mean to reformat?"
Me: "That is the term used to describe the process of changing the floormat from below your computer, therefore it is called 'refloormat'."
(Ivan laughing away in the background)
Yi Peng: "Eh, serious la, what is format?"
Me: "Okay okay, format right, can also be a term used to address someone. For example, formike, forjoe, 'format'."
Ivan: "Then reformat how? Hahaha."
Me: "Ah, you know in email right, when you reply to someone, there is a 'Re:' So it is 'Re:Format' lor."

Okay, for those that don't get the joke. =/

Anyways, have a bunch of pictures taken in class. =)

Haha. I don't know whose fingers are that! I think Wan Ting took the picture though. =)

The Thumbspin, shall take a nicer picture next time, but this picture's quite nice already. =P

The Fingerpass, okay, pictures don't really do penspinning justice. Ah wells.

I think my blog's becoming a Koon Tat fansite! Hahaha. Almost every post has his picture la. -.-

Taken by Alvin I think. =)

Jun Han's heart shape with cheesy lines written on them. Eh, all the lines were thought of by me! Haha!


There's like, $1600 right there!

Taken during Physics practical lesson, after Lenson and me finished what we were supposed to do. =D

Taken by Lenson. =)

Went to catch The Dark Knight with Koon Tat, Denise and Fiona on Tuesday at The Cathay. Okay, Stephen was supposed to come along too but he went off to Sentosa with the Thailand and Taiwan scouts.

Woah, I think the movie is really nice. Explores human emotion and what's right and wrong rather deeply. The acting was really good, the shots of Chicago where the movie was filmed was all very well done, and the script had a lot of twists and turns. And Koon Tat claims he saw Edison ChanChen. And I think Batman's voice is really really low. Hahaha.

The viral marketing for the movie was cool too. Whysoserious?

Then me and Koon Tat started breaking up with each other because of stupid reasons! Hahaha. Like: "Why you never call me darling? 我跟你BREAKKK!" Rather stupid la, then there was T' Amor also, which is Latin and Spanish for Love and is the name of some restaurant. Then for some reason we started calling it Tiam Hor and laughed stupidly again! Like: "Want to go where eat? I dunno leh, Tiam Hor?"

Reached Punggol and the Sun was setting. Then I asked Denise if she wanted to walk to the haunted house and she said yes? Haha. =O We're such adventurous daring people. Haha. But I think for the first time she was like walking much faster than me because I kept stopping to take pictures.

Sunset wasn't really that spectacular. =X And it got dark really really quickly too.

We didn't trespass la, too scared haha.

Lots of wild dogs around too, tried to take a picture of them but unfortunately I do not have a 300mm lens. =(

Unopened LRT Station.

I don't know why larr, but whenever I see wooden planks like this, the first thought that comes to my mind is, firewood. Haha. =X

The rather standard place to take photos in Punggol. But there was no longer any Sun when we reached there. =\

No, I did not stack those rocks. =)

Okay, Wednesday was our tentative last PE lesson. Sad. =( Played Captain's Ball for the lesson. =P Woah, my back started hurting all of a sudden when playing halfway. =\ Like, back sprain? Ah but it went away by Thursday.

Went to Stephen's house after school on Wednesday to cook slow roasted tomatoes! Okay gosh it seems rather, weird, to be going to another guy's house to cook. Haha. But it was fun la. Eh, I didn't really cooking but took pictures of Stephen cooking. Haha, but I did help to drizzle honey. =P




Compare the the recipe book Stephen used. =)

Okay it looks rather unappetizing, but it's actually quite nice leh. It like, explodes in your mouth when you eat it. I think if Stephen cooked that for F&N he'll definitely get top marks for taste, but horrible marks for presentation. =)

See the chef at work in the background. =D

Long long one, and short short ones.

Went to school for Night Study after that with Stephen, and met Malvin and Chun Wee on the bus, haha. Eh, I studied both topics in about 1 and 1/2 hour, and taught Malvin all the secret tricks on how to do well for Geography. ;) Hahaha.

Oh yes, showed the class our class t-shirt design on Thursday too. Brought laptop to school, but then realised that I forgot to bring my external hard drive with the designs in it. =X But thankfully Stephen emailed me the design so I could download it online. =)

Created by Stephen, Alvin and me. I'll change the center logo really soon when I have the time, hopefully when Prelims are over.

Okay! That's about everything. As you can see from what has been written above, I haven't exactly been studying hard for Prelims. SIGHS. =X

Maybe it's lack of sleep, but I have like a constant headache every day now. And I'm rather depressed and irritated and confused and unsure about what to do. It's like my world has slowly turned upside down and I've not realised it up to now. I feel like I'm going to explode at any moment. Gah. Okay, I'm a walking time bomb, someone please defuse me. =D

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