Sunday, 7 September 2008


Set my alarm to wake me up on Friday at 7am. But it failed. I remember vaguely that I woke up, turned my alarm off, and went back to sleep though. In the end I woke up at 9.30am with horribly sore leg muscles because of cycling the day before. Need to exercise more. =S

Met Chee Sheng, Wei Kit, Elaine and Wei Ting at Hougang Mall. Then we went to buy a cake and went to Hao Xiang's house to surprise him because his birthday was the next day.

Preparing everything outside his house.

Then when we called him, he told us he was on the bus to Hougang to meet Chee Sheng already. -.- Like, wah. We went to his house then he tell us he going to Hougang liao lor. Grrr. In the end asked him to go Punggol and meet us.

Picture was taken by Wei Kit at the bus stop? Haha. Lets go sign up! I've never actually learned how to swim leh. Shocking. =O

In the end we celebrated his birthday at my house.

Chocolate Cake.

Presenting his present. It's a Nike Shirt but Stephen never take the picture properly. Haha, eed more teaching from Lenson the Master Photographer. =D

Everyone was like wondering how to make Snowie sit and stand. Hahaha. It's very simple. If you want him to sit, then you need to use your vocal chords, and vocalise phonetically the sound "siiit". If you want him to stand, then you likewise need to vocalise the sound "staaannd". =P


Went down to Plaza Singapura after that to surprise Denise because it was her birthday. We were supposed to go surprise her at her house or at Punggol, but then she was already at Hougang waiting so Fiona went to Plaza Sing with her first. -.-

I see Ryan!!! Hahaha. That's Denise present btw.

Chee Sheng acting cool. =D

Haha. Celebrated her birthday in a food court and sang the birthday song really loudly with emphasis on her name. Heh. =D

Chocolate goes well with Mango? *eyebrows moving up and down*

Haha. A whole bunch of guys figuring out how to remove the plastic wrapping around the cake.

The sheer concentration and focus required to maintain a constant velocity and pressure on the knife to intersect and slice the cake is very demanding for many.

Pudding with rice. =)

Awesome Picture! From left to right : =O =D =|

Okay we went walking around Plaza Sing for a while, then Denise and Fiona went to catch a movie whilst we went to MacDonald's because Stephen felt like eating McSpicy. Hahaha. Then after Stephen had satisfied his cravings, Hao Xiang, Chee Sheng, Wei Kit and me went to E2MAX at Cathay.

Played Dota for an hour. Wah. I think we super noob la. We drawed against computer bots. =X I didn't even kill a single enemy hero, but I assist 5 times lor. Hahahaha. Maybe I should start playing Dota again. =/ Okay I just remembered that O levels are coming.

Saw this lizard on the way back. Actually Hao Xiang saw it first la. =D

Hao Xiang came to my house for a while after that, then his parents came to pick him up. =)

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