Saturday, 6 September 2008

Singapore Polytechnic.

Went down to Singapore Polytechnic for a workshop/open-house/experience sort of thing last Wednesday.

Met up with Stephen first, then we went to Dover MRT first. Waited for a really long long time for Ho Ming, then when he finally reached we had to go off because the programme was starting already. =S

There was sort of a showcase of Singapore Poly's CCAs and such. Woah. The DJ was super awesome man. Although he did screw up for some parts, but his crossfading was like, seamless? =O I want to buy a turntable and learn scratching too, haha. Then I saw Arthur doing Wushu! O.o Haha I think only 1integ people will know him, because Arthur was our PSL back then. And I said hi to him at Dover MRT before that too. =)

Anyways, had a buffet lunch after that. =D Then we went off to different groups. Stephen and me went to the Design one.

Eh, the immersion programme was rather fun. We were supposed to design something from paper bags. Then we grouped up with other HIHS students and we created a paper bag that holds flowers? Haha. Was super stressful because we had to meet a deadline and design everything in 60 minutes, but I think it was fun. =) Took photos too.

Our awesome-looking flower holder! =D

Haha. And I drew those flowers by hand okay?

Our group. =)

There was a concert after that. Haha. And Denise/Bernice/Fiona thought that this guy looked like Lin Jun Jie?

Ah, blur picture but it wasn't taken by me. =P And the guy on the left is using a D3. =O

Went to Plaza Singapore from Dover MRT for dinner. Erh, wanted to go to Aston's at Cathay but it was super crowded, so we went to the Basement to find food instead. =) Then followed View Meng to find his new headphones/microphone from Creative. Then we went back home at around 8pm.

Ran home in the rain, was soaked through. =/ Bathed, then went to Hao Xiang's house to help him for his 'N' Level English the next day. =D I'm such a good friend right? *cough* =P

Brought an umbrella out because it was still raining super heavily. Then went splashing through puddles of water whilst crossing the road to the bus stop. Haha. Took 43 to Tampines, then met Hao Xiang and we went splashing through puddles of water to his house. =)

Used his computer for a while, then we tried switching our usernames and seeing who would be tricked. Haha. Only managed to trick Jun Liang whom asked me : "Is Minghui at your house now?" =D

Went home at around 11.20pm, think I caught the second last bus 27 home. Stopped raining already, so there weren't any more puddles to splash in. And when I was walking back home, this man asked me for directions to Punggol Park. Heh he must have thought Punggol Park was in Punggol. Then because it was so late already there were no more bus 82s for him to catch. So I simply told him to walk 6 or 7 bus stops down Punggol road. Haha.

Reached home at around 12.20am, then used the computer. =)

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