Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Mid Autumn Festival.

Went to 'celebrate' with a bunch of people on Sunday night. If I'm not wrong, there was Stephen, Chee Hock, Xue Ee, Jemaine, View Meng, Lenson, Malvin, Chun Wee, Airil, Ian and a whole bunch of other people I don't know. =)

Shall not blog much. Because it's all rather unbloggable. Pictures though.

Me and Airil's failed attempt at light painting. Shall try again some other time. =D

Had lots of fun playing around. I took loads of other, nicer pictures, but I shall not post them here for various reasons. =P Reached home at around 10.30pm, and I was super hungry because I didn't eat dinner. =/

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