Thursday, 4 September 2008

Ling Tong's Birthday.

Okay erm, went to celebrate Ling Tong's birthday at her house last Saturday. =)

Actually there's a whole bunch of birthdays but I completely forgot about them. 28th was Crystal's birthday. She's really afraid of me for some really stupid reason, to the extent of getting off the train and waiting for the next one. =S 29th was Marie's birthday. Koon Tat and me are forever calling her 四梨. Haha. 30th was Ling Tong's birthday. =) Then 31st was Yun Kai's birthday. He still owes me my Santa hat in RuneScape. Haha.

Met up with Stephen first at SengKang MRT, wanted to try out Aston's at Cathay for lunch, but the place was super crowded so we went to Fisherman's Wharf at Clarke Quay instead.

We had some type of fish with chips at Fisherman's Wharf. Duh. Haha.

Added lots and lots of Malt Vinegar, and Tabasco sauce, and all the other random kinds of sauces la. =)

Haha, two guys walking around Clarke Quay. =S

Had lots and lots of time to kill whilst waiting, so we tried out ice cream at this Japanese Restaurant called Azabu Sabo. Yup, their website is here. Actually there's another reason besides killing time la. ;D

Stephen reading the menu. =O

Tried out this:
It was sort of like ice kachang! But okay la, it's more high class, and nicer also. =D

And this:This one was like largely ignored by us cause we were both busy attacking the ice kachang. But I like that yellow part, it tastes like mango ice cream, yet it's not really ice cream? Haha.

This was the cup sort of thing that holds more mango syrup thing. It looks kind of like a shot glass? Like those kind they serve vodka or liqour in. Haha. And the syrup contained bubbles! =D

Pouring syrup over ice kachang. Okay la, I think it has a more profound sounding name la; it's called a Soft Ice Cream with Mango and Milk.

After finishing the ice cream(s). =) Was really super full by the time we finished.

Went out and walked around Clarke Quay, there were lanterns being set up for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

It started raining, so we went back inside. Took elevators all the way to the top just to see where it would lead to...

It's a lift of some sort. =D

There wasn't really anything, except a deserted car park.

City skyline, but I had to shoot through a window. Haha. =\

Okay we went to collect Ling Tong's present, then took 147 to her house after that.

Ling Tong's present! There's actually another one but er, cannot post la. Heehee.

It's a rather nice box of cakes. From this shop. =)

Okay we went up, and saw a rainbow in the sky! Ah. Rather depressing because I got carried away taking pictures of the rainbow and forgot my shutter count was nearing 9999. So my 9999th picture is that of a rainbow.

And it doesn't look very nice either. Maybe after editing.

So, it's been about 3 Months since I got my D80 in June, and I've taken over 10000 pictures since then? =S Rather scary, but of course, most of the pictures I've taken were deleted because of bluriness, out of focus, wrong exposure or simply uninterestingness. But I've still taken a considerable amount of pictures I guess. =D

Okay anyways, went to Ling Tong's house. Pictures were mostly taken by Stephen, so credit goes to him.

I wonder why is it called Dragon fruit when it doesn't look like a dragon at all. I would call it Cookies and Cream. Hahaha. Like the ice cream flavour.

Pretending to be rich.

Spongebob Poker Cards. Haha. =D

Above picture taken by Nigel whom owns a Sony Alpha 100! Haha. =O

Hahaha. Looks rather abstract. =P

Okay we went down to Downtown East/E Hub after that to catch a movie.

It's an anthology of 4 short horror stories from Thailand. Missed the first story because we were late, but watched the second half of the second story though. O.O I thought the movie would have been better if it didn't use 3d Animation. Haha. Like, see halfway, then suddenly see the textures and rendering all look very familiar. Then some parts of the movie looked like something done in Cinema 4D. Although I think they used 3DS Max or something? But it's rather weird looking la. No Global Illumination, or advanced render, just really cartoonish looking models and textures? =\

Hahaha okay the movie itself was okay lah. Some parts were really funny. =D I think there are lots of scarier movies though. =)

Went to Burger King for a while after that, then took 3 home. =/

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