Saturday, 6 September 2008

Hanging Out With Hao Xiang.

Okay, went out with Hao Xiang on Thursday after his 'N' Level English. Haha. It was a rather whimsical, random decision to go to Pasir Ris Park because he could go out and celebrate 'N' level English ending. Wanted to jio other people out too, but then in the end never la, paiseh.

Met at White Sands, took a bus to Pasir Ris Park, rented two bikes, and then we went cycling. =) Pictures were taken either by Hao Xiang or me. (Duh)

The grass was like super muddy at some parts. =S Because of the rainy weather.

Taking pictures of random people.

Decided to go cycle to Tampines via the park connector after cycling around Pasir Ris park for a while. =)

Hao Xiang staring at...something. =)

Two guys fishing. I think they caught a fish as we cycled past.

This gigantic purple crocodile is actually a slide; HOW AMAZING.

I bet they're having a swinging good time. =P

Hao Xiang looking after the bikes whilst I ran around taking pictures. =D

Perfect timing. Haha.

There's actually a boy inside the kangaroo.

Hao Xiang's hand.

Cycled back to Pasir Ris after that. Was sort of chiong-ing because we only had about 1/2 hour left before our bike rental timing was up.

Edited extensively in Photoshop because I was trying to create a selective black-and-white image. Then I gave up and just saved everything to a jpeg. =D

Mini waterfall in the canal. O.O

Crossing the expressway.

Saw a similar image to this one taken by an SPH photographer a few years back at a Media Club talk. =D

Heehee. Ssshhh.

Returned back to the bike rental shop on the dot, then returned our bikes and took a bus to White Sands.

Hao Xiang waits for the bus. =D

Haha. He was on the bus passing by then Hao Xiang took a picture. =D

The drain is greeeennnn!

Haha, whilst we were at the bus stop waiting, there was this group of little kids and two ladies whom were apparently tasked with bringing them on an outing to Pasir Ris Park. Then there was this little girl in a blue shirt that stared at me, so I stared back, then we just kept staring at each other until the bus came! Heehee. No I'm not a pervert okay, she stared at me first.

Acting 'angry' in front of little kids. =D

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of that girl because Hao Xiang was holding the camera. Haha.

I've always wondered why green tea is called green tea when it's not really green, it's more of a yellowy kind of color? =/

Went to White Sands. And we effectively spent a fair bit of time walking up and down the shopping mall deciding on where to eat, when we finally decided to go eat at Pastamania at Tampines. Hahaha.


Ate at Pastamania and spammed lots and lots of cheese. Hahaha. =O


Hao Xiang eats Spagetthi. Hahaha.

We went to Ikea after that. Because we're shopping for furniture for our new home. =D No la, walked around doing random things, then we went to eat ice cream because Hao Xiang has never tried Ikea's ice cream before. =O

The teeth marks are mine. =D And so is the ice cream la, we didn't share.

Sat on a bench and watched kids playing around with a touch screen and some colouring/spot the difference games.

This is stupid. Everyone knows that balloons are made of plastic. -.-

Taken by Hao Xiang. Of a Zebra Crossing. I would have taken something like this though.

If only I had a macro lens...haha.

Taken by Hao Xiang. =)

Took bus 34 home after eating our ice cream, reached home at around 10.30 pm.

Can't stop thinking about the last time I went cycling, and how much happened between then and now. =\

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