Thursday, 18 September 2008


Okay last Tuesday was a rather Birthday filled day. Because it was Chit Min's, Hui Joo's and Fiona's birthdays! =) And Mr Lee Kuan Yew too. =D

Anyways, we got Fiona a shiny sparkling glass stone necklace thingy. And we got Hui Joo a Ripcurl Wallet.

Didn't take a picture of the sparkling shiny glass stone necklace thingy though. =/

Celebrated both their birthdays after school at MacDonald's. Haha. It was rather complicated and crazy because different halves of the class were released at different times. =\

The cake was rather lemony. Haha. Like Lemon Meringue or whatever that's supposed to be.

Went back to school after that for a while for no apparent reason. =O

Camilla doing her artpiece at the space. =)

Hao Xiang freezing like a baby. =D

Stephen and me tried to corner Chit Min and take many many photos of him. Hahaha.

Proper technique for obtaining water from a water cooler.

Chitmin : "No Comment. No Comment." Hahaha.

Nothing much after that. Didn't stay for Night Study because I was really tired, and beginning to sneeze again. =/

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