Monday, 8 September 2008

Youth BBQ.

Went to meet my sis at Junction 8 about half an hour after Hao Xiang left my house on Friday, then we went to shop for my mum's present. =) Reached Church rather late, and the barbeque started at 7pm. =S Haha, anyways, have lots and lots of unglam pictures of people, and pictures were taken by lots and lots of different people so I don't really know who to credit. =/

Joleen running away with all the satay! Okay la, she was the one barbeque-ing, so she was like serving the satay. =)

Found lots and lots of ash on my camera when I reached home. =X But D80 is dust/sand proof heehee.

Oh and it was Tammy's birthday last Wednesday so her cell group celebrated her birthday too. =)



Chicken Wings.


Fire! =O I think the captions are all rather useless. Haha.

I don't know why we're all wearing white. Haha. =D

This picture was probably taken by Melanie, because I was the one holding the 2 marshmallows, haha. And the marshmallows had like, chicken bits stuck to it because of Meng Ren whom kept spreading his chicken on my marshmallows! But I couldn't taste any chicken when I ate it, haha. =)

Aaron's future lorry. Haha. =D

Okay, have other unglam pictures of people, but I don't think I'll post them here. =) Anyways, ate loads of unhealthy carbonised food. =D Then took bus 13 back home at around 11pm.

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