Saturday, 13 September 2008

Class Photo Taking.

We had our class photo taken on Friday! =) I unfortunately, forgot to bring my camera to school, so I didn't take any pictures. Anyways, Lenson's blog has some photos taken by me because I used his camera. =D

Haha. Took stupid photos after taking our class photo in the hopes of missing Maths lesson. But our plan ultimately failed as the evil psychotic eyes from the terrible monster lured us into her lair. I'm joking. Really. I think Mrs Loh is a responsible and nice teacher although sometimes she's always picking on me to answer questions on the board. =)

Oh, and I was rather nervous because I completely forgot that there was Chemistry that day, so I didn't bring anything related to Chemistry at all. And my teacher's very fierce and I didn't want to stand outside class during her lesson, so I borrowed Koon Tat's papers and went to photocopy during recess. =)

Then when my teacher came to class, she told us to go to the lab for Practical. Haha. Yay no punishment! Although I did waste 80 cents photocopying, and now I've a bunch of Koon Tat's papers. Haha. =/

Had a Career talk thing from 11.30pm to 3pm, listened to principals and teachers and lecturers promote their school. Haha. Saw my sister's Principal from SRJC, and the first thing I thought of when seeing him was imagining him in fbt shorts. =D Okay, I feel rather evil. But I think the Principal kept focusing on "people's perspectives". If your JC has a high cut-off point, so be it. No point trying to convince others of "persepectives" and "viewpoints" and such.

Celebrated Chuan Hui's birthday after school. =) Didn't bring camera, so didn't take pictures. =/ Wanted to smash cake one, but then she kept avoiding, so they smashed Stephen's face instead. =D Kind of like, sacrificial metal I guess. To prevent rusting.

Oh and collected our Campcraft team t-shirt too. =D Although I don't know it was purple, but the design is still very nice because I spent a long time outlining it pixel by pixel okay. =)

Stayed back for a while to celebrate Mr Sharom's birthday too. Then we went to Hougang Mall for lunch. Didn't really feel hungry. Haha.

Started playing around with Lenson's videocam, and he kept telling us not to waste the battery because he was lending it to Mavis. Hmph.

Eh, went to school for a while, then went back home, grabbed my youth shirt because I forgot to bring it to school, and went to Church. Worship went okay, although I played wrongly for some parts. =/

Took 136 home, reached home at around midnight.

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