Thursday, 11 September 2008

Koon Tat's Birthday.

Haha. Yesterday was Koon Tat's birthday! =) Wanted to wish him happy birthday at 12midnight at first, but I forgot! Blah. By the time I remembered it was already 3+am, and then I forgot to message him again because I was too intent on going to sleep. =/

Anyways, Denise, Stephen, Fiona, View Meng, Justin and me got him two novels. =D Wrapped up in paper, hahaha.

Celebrated his birthday in the canteen after that.

It's a strawberry cheesecake! Actually it's a cheesecake with strawberries on top la. =/

Haha. Scary! =O

Used Lenson's external flash unit as well as mine wirelessly, so all the pictures look rather awesome and natural. And all at ISO 200 too. =D

Trying to 'brighten up' his hairstyle a bit.

Haha. Our present! Copied the idea from The Noose about FedEx and UPS merging to form FedUp, then designed and printed. =)

Went to Temasek Polytechnic after celebrating his birthday for a Physics workshop. =D

It looks like a half silhouette. Haha.

There was a talk on Temask Polytechnic's School Of Engineering first, then we went to the workshop where we learned about electronics. Haha. Quite fun playing with wires and all. Learned about 8 bit binary code. =)

Haha. Me and Koon Tat rushed to try and solve this crossword with the clues in binary. Then we ended up only figuring out the binary for a few letters and guessing the words. Hahaha. In the end we finished third. -.-

The whole thing was rather messy with wires connected, but it was fun. Simple concept too. Haha.

Patrick hanging around. Heh.

Koon Tat posing again. -.-

Ha. =P

Purple light streaming in from the window. Taken by Lenson or Stephen. Or both. Hahaha.

Pokeball! Haha. It's actually a lift button.

Workshop ended at around 6pm. Went to Pasir Ris for dinner.

Lenson adding value through the Add Value Machine. =)

Didn't eat, but watched them eat at KFC. Took bus 3 home after that. Saw a nice dramatic Sunset but didn't take any picture because I was on the bus. By the time the bus reached my house and I got off, the Sun was nowhere to be seen. =/

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