Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Singapore Flyer.

Haha I finally went on the Singapore Flyer 2 weeks ago! Although I've been to the Flyer to take pictures a couple of times, I've never actually paid money to go on it because I'm such a cheapskate I don't believe in the commercialization and inflation of the prices for attractions at tourist hot spots in Singapore.
Okay I just don't want to part with my money for one round around a gigantic ferris wheel when you can ride a smaller version as many times as you want at Escape Theme Park, although you have to pay to enter the park. =(

This time anyways my father was paying! Hahaha. He was showing an Australian couple who were officers with the Salvation Army around because he stayed over with them in Australia for 2 weeks back when he wasn't married and I wasn't born.

We first had dinner at Suntec.

I should have brought a tripod. =(

The we walked to the Flyer, because the road leading to the flyer was closed for the F1 Night Race.

We were 20 minutes late from our booked timeslot, but they let us on anyways cause the place was almost deserted.

I think we should have gone during the daytime and not at night, cause the glass windows were all extremely reflective. And using a polarizer or tripod would be useless since the flyer is constantly moving. =/

Looks like a multiple exposure. Haha.

The whole thing took about 20 minutes, then we walked back to Suntec.

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