Tuesday, 20 October 2009

MV Duolos.

The MV Doulos is the world's oldest active ocean-faring passenger ship. Okay I just ripped that sentence off Wikipedia. Their website is here too.
In a (huge) nutshell, it's a floating bookshop that travels around the World and was recently docked at Singapore next to Vivo City. =)

The ship was built just 2 years after the Titanic, and is due to be decommissioned in 2010.

Anyways you can go on board, to look around and buy books. So two Saturdays ago I went with Ryan, Dion and Hao Xiang. =D

Ryan and Hao Xiang queuing up whilst Dion and I walked around shooting. =P

Walking up.

There was lots of interesting things to see on board the ship. Haha. I've never actually taken pictures on board a ship before. Pulau Ubin ferries aren't counted.

They followed a seperate pricing system and currency for the books. Since the boat is travelling around the world and all that.

The Toilets.

Vivo City opposite.

Dion. Hahaha.

Hao Xiang and Dion shooting.

Ryan shooting back.

Okay we did browse through a few of the books. There were even books on Photography! But then we got hungry and thirsty and decided to quickly procceed to the gigantic shopping mall next door.

Sunny day...Sweeping the clouds away...


The roof of the bookstore. Someone had this stupid idea to stick their camera up and take a picture and see what they took. Hahaha.

Sunset was quite nice. =D

Father and Son.

The Cable Cars weren't operating! =(

Haha and I saw Rachel Melanie and Shermin as we were leaving. Saw my Pastor on board taking the tour too. =D

Went to eat dinner, but shall post about that later because 70 pictures at one shot is going to give everyone a headache hahaha.

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