Sunday, 4 October 2009

Shooting in a Studio.

Went with Ryan and his friend and his friend's friends to a photo studio a long time ago. Haha. Okay we were supposed to help his friend take pictures for her portfolio as a make-up artist. Haha. Sort of like expanding our own portfolios too since it's the first time we took pictures in a studio.

Met Ryan first at Hougang, then we went to Central for an early lunch since the studio is near Clarke Quay. Kind of rushed through our lunch at Yoshinoya cause we were late, then we walked to the studio.

The make-up artist started applying the make-up, and Ryan and I started playing taking test shots. =)

This is Ryan's classic pose.

Ryan loading film.

The huge flash things were triggered wirelessly for my camera, and a pc-sync cord for Ryan's. Haha so we could both shoot pictures using them at the same time. Had to keep switching between camera settings to shoot with the flashes or without. Haha or you'd get something like this:

Ryan helping to keep the white floor of the studio white. Hahahaha. We were both laughing like crazy throughout the 3 hours we booked the studio la.

Yeaaa finally getting to shoot.

Someone's socks had holes. =P

Shooting in a studio costs $30 an hour inclusive of the flashes and everything. That's like 15 hours of Lan gaming, or 2 hours of jamming, or 7 hours of bowling. Hahaha.

We found a fan! Hahaha.

Okay Ryan's hair is too short la.

Charis the make-up artist. =)

The faster way to iron clothes.

Reminds me of that Tic Tac commercial.

Found this red filter lying around and decided to put it to good use.

We ended at 3pm, then went to Central for Japanese ice cream. =O

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