Sunday, 18 October 2009

PCF Family Day 2009.

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PCF stands for PAP Community Foundation, which is mostly about it's kindergartens, which I attended when I was a kid. =D Anyways, they had a Family Day at Marina Barrage on the 4th October and my family went because my Mum is a principal at a PAP kindergarten.

This wasn't photoshopped like the Barney. Hahaha.

Went around taking pictures with the walking animals! Hahaha.

Almost every photographer there had an external flash attached for some reason. =O It was bright enough that I shot at shutter speeds of 1/500 and above for most of the time. Haha.

100 metres deep?

Lots of police officers there, because the Prime Minister was the guest of honour.

Giving out balloons.

Saw lots of trees which weren't actually in the ground yet. =O

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