Thursday, 29 October 2009

HIHS Graduation Ceremony 09.

I've decided that all my pictures in this post will be black and white because I don't like colour anymore. =) You can see some of the colour pictures at Facebook here if you're really desperate for colour though.

Went back to my Secondary school on the 15th October to take pictures of the Graduation Ceremony. Almost everything was the same as last year, except of course, the people.

Mr Koh used to be my Geography teacher. =D

Miss Lim used to be my Science teacher, actually my Physics extra lesson teacher.


Ryan. Hahaha. He's the only one that looked at my camera leh.

See? Looking again.


Camera Shy.

Joshua is the terrified looking one.

Yi Hong recruiting for the Youth Alumni. Why didn't they have this last year? Haha.

Mr Sim taught me Maths in Sec 2. My memory is awesome. (although my maths isn't)


Yi Hong's handwritten congradulatory cards.

=O Wireless flash.

Ryan contemplates.

Went with Ryan and Mr. Yeo to MacDonald's for supper after that. Haha. Laughed at a whole bunch of stupid things like Smooth Criminals and the usage of quotation marks. Learned a huge secret too. =P

Took 403 pictures, edited down to about 90. Can you believe it's been a year since I graduated. =/ Emooing away thinking of the past.

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