Thursday, 1 October 2009

Sandwiches and Ice Cream.

Went to take pictures at Holland Village with Ken, Yun Theng and Crystal. Crystal was horrendously late so we went to eat lunch at Subway first.

Ken eats a tomato.

We went walking around after that and ended up at a playground. Haha.

Ken and Yun Theng playing a challenging game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

I've never tried studying at a playground. Haha I think I'd be too distracted.

Then we decided to go to Island Creamery for Ice Cream. But we didn't know how to get there. Thankfully one of Crystal's friends although although they were not close friends was at the playground playing at the opposite tower and she lived around the area and told us how to get there. =O

Had teh-tarik ice cream, then we stayed around there wasting time away.

Yun Theng's super tiny film camera. =O

That black square above is the viewfinder. Ken here demonstrating how to use it. Haha.

We started drawing on this piece of paper taking turns to draw something each time. Haha.

Finished Artwork.

After about 2 hours of sitting around Island Creamery, we went to the Botanical Gardens which was nearby.

Black Swans.

Feeding the fish. We learned that if you suddenly lunge out towards the pond with your hands outstretched the fish will all swim away from you. =)

Went to the Symphony Stage, and then we stayed there for another hour or so getting bitten incessantly by mosquitoes.

Then we walked to Tanglin Mall, went to Macdonald's, took a bus to Dhoby Ghaut and took a train home. =)

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