Tuesday, 20 October 2009

3 Nikons and a Sony.

Continued from here.

We decided to go to Barcelos for dinner after walking about the ship for about an hour.

Ryan pretending the 85mm prime lens he's holding is a grenade. Needs Photoshop.
Better. =D

Hahaha oh and this stupid incident happened at Barcelos. If you've never eaten there before, they have these 4 sauces that range from mildly spicy (tangy lemon) to super spicy (supa peri).

Ryan: "Ohh Supa Peri is not very spicy one la."

*Ryan proceeds to add lots of the sauce over all his fries*

*5 to 10 minutes later*

Ryan: "SSSSS!" (The sound effect you make when something's very spicy)

Ryan: "Wah die man how to make it less spicy?"

Minghui: "Usually eating the fries helps. In this case.."

Okay we all proceeded to make that SSS sound. Hahahahaha. I feel so bad. This is like the second incident chronicled detailing something hilarious Ryan has done. Like the Foetus thing. =S

Lun Tat joined us halfway through dinner, then we went to the skypark to take pictures again.

We sat at the top of the amphitheater and did a million and one stupid things.

Black and White portraits are awesome. =)

Weird effects.

Lun Tat wasting his deodorant so we can take a picture.

Ryan holding the same 85mm prime lens, Me with 2 lens caps, and Lun Tat with Ryan's camera.
I think this picture makes us look like a bunch of girls again. Hahahaha.

Optimus Prime.

Dion lighting himself.

This is really the only reason you need to get an external flash.

Everybody's Kung Fu Fighting. Hahaha.

Glowing Hair.

Left for home at around 9.30pm, flash units were all low battery already. Haha.

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