Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Korean Barbecue.

Okay haven't blogged in a long time because the new semester has started and the amount of homework and assignments in just a week has been staggering. =( I'm probably exaggerating but to me the amount of work to do is overwhelming. Maybe it's because my weekend was spent running about doing everything but homework. =/

Anyways went to Ken's house for a Korean Barbecue on the 14th October. Before that I was actually working at a photo studio mounting canvas prints onto their frames with a hammer and lots of nails. Tiring work, but 6 hours seem to fly by effortlessly when you're working repetitively. Haha. I'm an expert at hammering photo frames now okay.

Haha the barbecue was quite okay. Food was nice. =D

Isn't that appetizing? Ironically, I didn't really like the fish cause it tasted like Cod Liver Oil. *shudder*

Slightly burnt...but it's bacon. BACON.

Anyways, headshots!

Yun Theng being emo. =O

Laughed at a million and one things whilst eating. Which is kind a given whenever you're eating with Crystal and Ken. *cough*

Keeping the chairs. Yup.

I have no idea what they are doing.

Went up to Ken's room and played Guitar Hero for a while. We wanted to find some really scary game to play with all the lights off, but Ken doesn't have any really scary games. Hahaha.

Russell Cullen.

I think the following two images go very well together.

Yun Theng's head at the 4th frame or so is disturbing.

Okay off to type a 500 word short story and hopefully get started on the 10 journal entries I need to complete in 7 days.

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