Friday, 9 October 2009

Walking Around Chinatown.

Went down to Chinatown with Ryan to take pictures again. Okay my blog can probably be retitled to The Endless Adventures of Minghui and Ryan by now. Hahaha.

Okay I did take pictures at Chinatown a long time ago, like the start of this year, or even last year. But looking back I think all those pictures I took are horrid. =/ Anyways this time was different cause we went to the rooftops.

First we tried the People's Park Complex where the rooftop was a car park, although no car was parked there.

Saw lots of birds only a few metres away drinking and eating merrily. Hahaha.

We were partially hidden by the slope so the birds didn't have a clue we were secretly taking pictures of them. Heh. =P

The view from the rooftop was okay, not really like a spectacular landscape or anything, but it's a rooftop view! Rooftops are hard to access in Singapore. =(

The area was decorated for the Mid Autumn Festival though.

Ryan with his electric guitar cause we were going jamming later. =)

I think this would look scary at night. Haha. Empty chairs are unsettling.

This picture is rubbish.

Went to this HDB flat right next to the Complex that also allowed people to go to the rooftops. Haha. =D
No slanting of your body 45 degrees to the right with one leg in the air.

Drunk man sleeping.

We started walking to Outram MRT at around 7pm to meet Deon and Luntat but for some reason got lost and ended up one station away at Tanjong Pagar instead. Hahaha. So we took a train back one stop.

Taken with Ryan's lens whilst waiting for the rest at Outram.

Then we went jamming. The studio shifted to somewhere in Farrer Park and we only found out after walking to the old address and finding it deserted. Hahaha. So we ended up jamming for only 2 hours or so. Then had supper at around 11.30pm.

Hahaha and we managed to flag down a taxi at exactly 11.45pm, beating the midnight surcharge for taxis. Awesome. =P

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