Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Job Training.

Was asked by Yin Xue if we wanted to work part time as helpers in a Photo Studio, so Crystal, Yun Theng, Deon, Russell, Ken and me signed up. Hahaha. Then we realised we needed to go for some training at 12pm at the studio, and we didn't eat lunch beforehand cause we thought the training was going to be a quick one.

In the end though, the training took about 5 hours as they kept asking us to practice over and over again. Haha. We had to help University Graduates wear their graduation gowns. It's quite hard to wear leh, needs about 4 safety pins and you need to align them up so that the gown looks symmetrical. Was super hungry throughout cause I didn't eat breakfast and lunch. =(

Our qualifying test was to pin up everything in 2 minutes, hahaha. Okay after a long time of complaining about our need for food we were finally let off at around 6pm. Decided to go to Botak Jones nearby since the studio was at Potong Pasir.

Too Hungry.

I think Ketchup is nicer than Chili.

Had a nice breakfast/lunch/dinner, then we went to a Macdonald's nearby.

Drawing again. T.T

Russell has potential in the modelling industry.

Deon doing something with his fingers.

Deon's film camera. Haha.

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