Monday, 19 October 2009

4 Integrity Chalet 2009.

Chalet from the 6th to the 9th. Although I left on the 7th because I had to work the next day.

Haha we did all the usual things to do at a chalet la. Although compared to last year there was definitely more laptops. Hahaha.

Flash bounced off the pink walls. =)

Group Photo at 2.46am by the swimming pool. =D

It was raining on and off till dawn, and I didn't sleep hahaha.

Went swimming early in the morning.
Me Swimming. Hahahahaha.

View Meng watching how I met your mother. The TV show.

Film Noir effect with Stephen's SB-900 and my SB-600

Flash is painful.

Self Portrait.

Barbecue time!

Lenson about to eat a stick of lemongrass. =O

Instead of buying a brush, we bought lemongrass instead, as recommended by the two chefs learning to cook. Although, I don't notice any difference from using lemongrass and a normal brush leh. My palate must be too undeveloped and inferior.

Lemongrass doesn't look like a lemon nor does it look like grass. It's just like how Green Tea isn't green.

Almost all the pictures of the barbecue were taken with Stephen's SB-900 and my SB-600 triggered wirelessly. =)

The hand that totally ruins the picture here belongs to View Meng.

Marshmallows with Butter is a weird, tasty combination. Developed palates not needed.

Lenson here demonstrates the skillful consumption required of the roasted marshmallow.


Long Exposure. Wanted to capture those flying embers thing, but the charcoal didn't have any more embers. =(

Slightly Overcooked.

The Satay Boyz.

Lenson's bike.

Koon Tat returning from school. Haha I didn't crop out the flashes.

Koon Tat looking stunning.

I'm the most manly guy in the above picture.

Left at around 10pm, cause of work the next day. =\ Reached home and crashed. I think I'm growing old. I have no idea how I managed to stay awake for two days and go swimming and cycling and everything at last year's chalet. =/

Rest of the pictures on Facebook here. =)

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