Saturday, 16 August 2008

End Of Prelims.

Preliminary Examinations ended last Thursday for me. =D And I haven't updated yet so, I shall do so now. =)

Erm, Monday was a school holiday because of National Day. Yay! Spent the day studying at MacDonald's at Kovan. =S Haha but it was fun. ;)

Tuesday was English Paper 2. Gosh, I think it went okay but I had about 45 minutes left to do the summary question. =\ Ended up writing 2 drafts for the summary and then meticulousy copying nicely without any mistakes onto my final answer. =D

Chemistry went okay too. =D Knew how to do most of the questions, but I wrote Buthyne instead of Butyne. Sighs. (No one know's what I'm talking about, haha)

Wednesday was Physical Geography paper. At least this time I sort of understood the question unlike the Human Geog paper. =D And I realised that for all my Physical Geography papers I'm always answering the Plate Tectonics one. Haha.

Thursday was Science Paper 1. Finished super fast with half an hour plus to spare? =\

Didn't have anything on Friday because I don't take higher mother tongue. =D Went out to watch Journey To The Centre Of The Earth. =)

It's an okay movie la. Quite a few stupidly funny parts, hahaha. And there's lots of plate tectonics and volcanic shafts and whatever mentioned. =) And we got a water bottle instead of a banana! Heehee. =P

Okay, random things now. Got back my O Level Chinese Results! Haha. I got Merit for Oral and a surprising B4 overall. Don't know how much I got for Paper 2 and 3 but the important thing is I scored B4! Gosh, I was super surprised and went back to check like 3 times. =D It's rather unexpected because I got a C6 for my Progress Report and I myself was expecting a 5 or 6. =O

Maybe the examiners marked the wrong paper or something, but to save them the hassle and stress I shall be gracious and accept any mistakes they may have made in the marking process. =)

Oh, and Snowie fell sick! He's like sneezing every few seconds and coughing. Haha. It's kind of funny seeing him sneeze and cough. =D He went to see a doctor on Saturday and was given cough and flu medicine. =O I think he fell sick because he went for a haircut when we were in Malacca. Now he's like, botak. Haha.

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