Monday, 11 August 2008

National Day Celebration.

Friday was our school's National Day Celebrations. Woke up really early in the Morning at around 5am but I couldn't get to sleep, so I left my house really early too. Haha. It was raining very heavily the night before, so the Sunrise is sure to be nice, so I walked around waiting for the Sunrise. I was too lazy in the end and went to school though. =D

The unrisen Sun. Haha.

Okay the celebrations in school started with the Parade. I didn't participate in the parade when I was Sec 1 because I was in Tioman Malaysia with my family. =P Then as Sec 2, I was in the GOH Contingent. In Sec 3, I was in Supporting Cont. because SJAB were GOH. This year, I'm there taking pictures. =X Kind of sad that it's the last year I'll actually be seeing the school's NDP. And the parade itself was okay. =)

Okay school concert after that. =D

Daryl Goh!

Ho Koon Tat! Okay the picture's rather blur cause this was taken with Uncle Zhi Ming's 300mm lens, but it's still a picture of Koon Tat! Hahaha.

Face off. Lol.

Look at Stephen's Liao Diao face in the background!! XD


My 'mother' in the bottom left corner. =)

There was a dog show after school organised by Sec 2 Joy, and Kenny Yeo! =D

Haha, portrait photography.

Airil's the only one looking at me. =)

I think the dogs are all really well behaved unlike mine. =X Haha.

Halfway through the show, 2 helicopters flew past! Okay, I'm random. =P

Kenny's German Shepherd. =)

Kenny the Intruder. Hahaha. I think you need serious guts to be able to face a huge dog snarling and biting away at you. Or you just need to be really stupid. =D

This picture needs to be compared to the one below. =)

Haha. ;)

Okay, left early to go catch a movie after that, but anyways, that's how my last National Day in school went. =)

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