Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Malacca Trip.

Woke up on Saturday at a horrible time of 6am. Haha. Okay I spent Saturday and Sunday at Malacca with my family. Sort of like a really impromptu short kind of holiday thing because my parent's were invited to a wedding there. And since we've not gone on a holiday as a family for about 2 years already...unless you count a chalet, haha.

So we woke up really early because the bus was leaving from my Church at 7.30am. (But I wasn't tired because I was messaging someone =D hahahaha) Then we took the bus to the checkpoint, saw lots of other unpatriotic Singaporeans leaving Singapore on National Day like us. =X

Erh, I forgot to set International Roaming on so there was no signal the moment I left Singapore. Then I couldn't set International Roaming once in Malaysia already because there was no signal. =(

Fell asleep on and off on the bus. Oh and I got really bored of the songs in my sister's mp3 because there's only 20 songs in it and it's just repeating again and again and again. I think I've memorized the lyrics for all the songs inside already. Haha.

Reached Malacca at about 1pm, and we stayed at Hotel Mahkota Malacca.

The view from our hotel window. =O

Awesome looking tree!

Went for lunch at Kenny Roger's at this gigantic shopping centre opposite. Hahaha Kenny's shop! /lame joke.

Vanilla Muffin. =)

Haha. Spent the Afternoon at the shopping center, erm, shopping? =) Didn't really find anything interesting, but I bought a Patrick Star! =P Haha oh and I saw this Scouts wallet that I think looks rather girly, haha.

Stephen wanted me to buy for him. Eee I'm not going to waste money like that. =P

Went back to the hotel room in the evening and lazed around. =D

There were lots and lots of birds roosting in the trees. Those white stuff are birds btw. /Obviously -.-

The Sunset was really bright! And I was really lazy to go leave the hotel room! Haha.

I'm undecided over which is nicer, not in focus on top or focus below?

Haha, went out for supper at MacD nalds. =)
Okay I think I'm being really mean making fun of broken signboards. =X

Haha, reached back at the Hotel at around 11.45pm, went to sleep at around 12.30, and woke up at 7.30am because my room was really bright by that time already. Went for a buffet breakfast! =D

Went walking around Malacca with my father after breakfast, haha.

Haha, I think the sky looked very nice but the sun rays weren't pronounced one. =/

Cropped extensively because the bird was so small/my lens can't zoom that much.

D80=Awesome :D

Gigantic toilet sign. =D

Dead fish! Okay, rather morbid, but I saw lot's of dead fish floating around that day. It's a Genocide!

Oh this picture was rather cool, I was just about to click the shutter when the bird flew off. But it was staring at me!! =O

See see! So cool man! But the background is rather distracting so, =X

Saw lots and lots of mudskippers lazing and wading around. Gosh. They don't have to bother about O Levels or whatever man. =(

Lots and lots of mini crabs too. But you'd have to zoom in to see. =\

*Joke about ship crashing out of building*

Walked up to this really old Church atop a hill. It's a rather nice place. =D

I imagine it would look really scary at night.
New Steps, Old Steps.

I don't know who this guy is but took a picture of him because it looked nice anyways.

Taken whilst walking down the steps.

The Church is the one partly hidden by trees in the background.

Okay, went back to the hotel, then packed up and checked out. Oh and I finally took pictures of Marcus playing yo-yo! Haha.

Woah, I want to go get a yo-yo again! I used to have a glow-in-the-dark one but lost it somewhere, haha. Then I shall be a pen-spinning yo-yo-playing photograph-taking guitarist. =D

Took the bus back to Singapore, stopped somewhere for lunch at a Chinese restaurant, then went back to Singapore already. =)

Had dinner at Swensen's! Haha. =P

Patrick Star! Mashed between the chili and the ketchup. =D

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