Monday, 4 August 2008

English & Geography Prelims.

Okay, the preliminary examinations kicked off to an exuberant atmosphere of anticipation and excitement on Friday. Ah, who am I kidding. Bleah. Prelims! Horrible.

I'm still like lazing around not believing that I'm a Sec 4 student and that the end is near. =D

Anyways, it started with English Paper 1. I started with Section B on Situational Writing first because I didn't know what to write for the essay section. Then happily did the situational writing and wrote quite a lot.

Then when I went to the essay section, I still didn't know what to write! Okay, had this really nice storyline in my head for a narrative essay, but all my narrative essays take too long to write and I always end up scoring badly, so I wrote an argumentative essay instead. =D

Topic was "Women make better parents than men." Gosh, I agreed with the statement cause I have nothing good to argue for men, hahaha. I couldn't think of any points halfway through and ended up writing much less than I did for the situational writing. =X Then there was still half an hour left so I went to copy out my entire essay onto a new sheet of paper. =)

Geography was okay, although the 8 mark questions were all impossibly difficult. Couldn't really understand what the question was asking at all, so just wrote whatever came to mind. Haha.

Went to Compass Point for lunch with a bunch of people. Koon Tat and me spent a really really long time deciding on what to eat, then we ate chicken rice. =X

Erm, went home, used the computer for a while, then went to Church. =) Worship was great, then there was a movie being shown but I didn't watch it because I went to practice for dance! Haha. =\

Then there was pizza for supper after the movie, but I didn't get to eat because immediately after dance I went to practice the song! =( Hmph.

Okay took bus 13 to Potong Pasir then took a train back, and reached home at around 12.30am. =/

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