Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Went to watch Prom Night after National Celebrations on Friday with Malvina, Felicia, Hui Qin, Mu Chen, Ling Tong and Stephen at Tampines Mall.

Taken by Stephen. =)

Okay, the movie itself was rather. Okay la. Lots of those suspense parts and those 'suddenly something pop outs in front of you' kind of scary parts. =) It's not so much of scary as shocking, haha. =D The ending was rather fast though, but I guess there's no point having a complicated ending when the scary parts are all over. And I think the lead character should have definitely gone insane by the end of the movie after seeing so many people dying already.

Haha. Went for a late lunch at Mos Burger, then went around, then went home. =)

Okay. Lots of missing parts but I don't need to blog anything down because I can remember everything! =) Haha. It's one of the best days of my life though. =P

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