Thursday, 28 August 2008

Fireworks Festival 2008.

Went out on Saturday to catch Fireworks at the Marina Bay floating platform. Official site for the festival celebration thing is here. =)

Met up with Koon Tat first, then Ivan and View Meng, then Stephen and Lenson, then Ryan, then met Alvin at Plaza Sing.

Went to Carl's Junior for an early dinner first. Then went walking around doing random things. Slacked for a while at Esplanade because it was raining. =D

Stephen the next top model. Haha.

Okay this picture looks rather scary. Taken by Stephen, and you can't really see anything because it's underexposed. -.- But after Photoshop=

It's a piece of Ryan's lens tissue btw. And Alvin's hand.

Obligatory Koon Tat shot. =D He can't use the computer so he won't see this! Haha.

Patapon! Hahaha. Tried really hard to beat the level on Ivan's PSP but it's impossible!

Credits to Stephen for taking the pictures. Because I'm the one playing, heehee.

Found a spot near the Esplanade, then set up our 4 tripods, haha. That Lenson go kop my space la. -.- Did lots of stupid things whilst waiting around. =D

City Skyline. Probably have a nicer picture, but I'm really lazy to go look through so I just chose this at random. =D

Haha. Then this really stupid thing happened like just before the fireworks.

Everyone was all standing around looking out for the fireworks to start when I whispered to the few of us standing in front with our cameras to look behind at some random tree and see who would look. Then just as we looked behind, the fireworks started. Hahaha. =/

Nice firework picture number 1.

Nice firework picture number 2.

Okay I'm really bored of posting nice firework pictures already. Do check out Lenson's or Ryan's blogs for much nicer looking pictures. Or flickr for super awesome ones.

I shall post the failed attempts instead! Hahaha.

Too many fireworks in the picture. =\

Too few fireworks in the picture. =/

Don't know how or why or when I took this, but I think it looks rather cool! Hahahaha.

Walked to Marina Square after it ended, then walked to Suntec and bought a drink at MacDonald's.

For View Meng, whom requires lots of Pins. Taken by Stephen. =)

Walked back to City Hall, then took a train back home.

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