Thursday, 7 August 2008


Okay this whole week has been spent waking up for school every Morning, going to the school hall and doing whatever exam I'm supposed to do, doing something random after the exam, then either staying in school or going home first, then coming back to school for night study, going home to sleep, and the cycle repeats again. =D

Monday was Social Studies and Mathematics. =X Bleah. Both went rather horribly. Okay la, I wrote fairly a lot of Social Studies, but I don't know why I always do badly. Hahaha. And Maths is well, Maths. =(

Tuesday was Science Practical. Lots of bangs and whizzes and lots of people broke their test tubes and beakers. But not me cause I was super careful haha! I think I added something wrongly to something for Chemistry though. =S

Wednesday was Science Physics Paper 2. Haha, I thought it went okay considering that I failed really badly for my last Physics mock exam. =\

Today was Elective History and Mathematics Paper 2. Okay, I ended up writing the question that I didn't study for because I didn't know how to do the question I did study for. =X Mathematics was again rather inexplicable. Haha. Like, I knew how to answer all the questions, but I always do badly one when I get back the paper.

Okay enough about depressing papers! Haha! Erm, went to take pictures of the National Day Rehearsal in school on Wednesday. Gosh, did lots of stupid stuff in the hall with Ryan, Lenson and Alvin.

Pictures! =D

Sec 3 Squad. =) Haha, they're NCOs already! =O

Random Flower!

From left to right: Using phone, using camera, staring into space. Haha. =D

Aim left. Aim right. Aim left. Lol.

Haha. ChitMin acting cute!

There was no examination in progress at that time, but the sign was there all the same.

Through Lenson's 50mm Prime lens. =D

Taken by Ryan. =)

Nerd, Lowepro, Nikon.

Haha, there's lots more stupid(er) pictures, but shall not post them here. =P

Oh and people have been telling me I've scored the highest in the level for the English Paper 1 Prelims Situational Writing? 24/30 marks or such. Apparently a Sec 3 teacher has been giving out copies of my situation writing to Sec 3 classes as a 'model piece'.

So people have been like : "Hey I read your speech thing!" when I can't even remember what I wrote cause I've not gotten back the paper yet. Sighs. I feel so infuriated that my work has been copied and distributed without my expressive consentment or even notification. Ah, okay never mind I'm just joking. =P At least people know that it's written by Minghui. Heehee.

Okay, that's how the past week has been. I feel really tired, but it's like I now have a super drug that makes me feel really energetic. =D

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