Friday, 30 May 2008


Haha yay 2 weeks of freedom from school starts today. =)

Okay, anyways. Monday was Chinese O level Paper 1 and 2. I have no idea if it was easy or hard la. Haha. My hands were freezing though, even though I was wearing a sweater. Like, my hands are colder than people who did not wear a sweater? Lenson suggested I wear gloves instead, blee.

Tuesday was Maths Mock Exam Paper 1 and 2. Gosh, there was no break in between so I spent 3 hours in the air-conditioned hall. Yeech. Maths was actually much easier than those preliminary papers they tested us on, but I still forgot how to do some questions la. =X

English Oral was on Tuesday too. Went rather, normally I guess. Heehee. Made some stupid mistakes when pronouncing elaborate but I corrected myself. Haha. And I went off talking about education and whatever when the conversation topic's about toys. =D

Wednesday was Social Studies and A Maths. But I don't take A Maths so I could go home early. =P Social Studies was okay, hopefully. Went for breakfast at Macdonald's with Xue Ee, Li Jing and Fiona. Erh, Li Jing and Xue Ee drank sugar and creamer with their tea and coffee. Like, 6 packets of sugar and 4 packets of creamer? Yeech. Diabetic.

Haha. I had this awesome plan for Wednesday and Thursday. Watch movies and use the computer on Wednesday, then study hard for Geography on Thursday. I successful used the computer and watched Anamorph and A Walk To Remember on Wednesday, for about 7 hours non-stop. =D Addiction.

Then Wednesday evening Chee Hock asked if I wanted to go cycling on Thursday. Hahaha.

Ended up going cycling with Chee Hock, Lenson, Ivan, View Meng, Mu Chen, Malvina and Ling Tong. Haha, cycled down Tampines road and back. But View Meng and Ling Tong left in a taxi early cause View Meng had to be back early and Ling Tong sprained her ankle.

Oh and laughed quite a lot too when Mu Chen fell down. Haha I feel so evil. =)

Cycled to Seng Kang, then went around to Ivan's, Chee Hock's and Malvina's houses before cycling back to Lenson's and taking 136 back. Didn't feel as tired as before, must be cause I'm healthy! =D

Reached home at about 8pm, and at this point you must be thinking:"Ho! This is when Minghui starts studying like mad for Geography on Friday! Evil Scheming Guy."

But no, I went out for dinner/supper. Blee. Went to a Kopitiam at Hougang, ate Nasi Briyani, then went home.

Reached home at about 10pm, and went to sleep. But I couldn't get to sleep at all. Bleh. Had this horrible dream that I remember nothing about except that it was horrible, and woke up at 4am trying to get back to sleep again.

Okay Geography today was quite okay la. Spent the last 10 minutes frantically rushing through the last part question, but other than that I'm confident of passing. =) I forgot about a bunch of stuff though, like USA's GNP per capita in 2002 and I forgot which country was it that was a developing country but has a high literacy rate.

And that's the end of going to school early in the morning for 2 weeks! Although there's still that huge pile of homework consisting of TYS and worksheets and whatever. =\

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