Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Chinese New Year.


I can't really remember what else happened after the Sec 2 Camp already, cause I didn't take much pictures after that. And it all seems like such a long time ago. Sighs.

I remember going to catch a movie with David, Jolene, Kenneth, Rebekah and Victor on the eve of Chinese New Year's Eve though. At first we wanted to catch Changeling, which was NC16, but a lot of Victor's bandmates tagged along, and they were only like 13? But Victor nobly went to go watch a PG movie with them, so the 5 of us went to catch Changeling. Hahaha. At first we couldn't get in cause Jolene and Rebekah didn't have Ez-Link Cards or ICs, but this cool dude standing in line behind us helped us to buy the tickets. =D

Changeling was quite okay. The soundtrack is very nice and the main title recurs throughout the movie, so I thought it was quite okay. The scenes and setting of the movie was mostly in 1928 so it was quite interesting. Although the horror parts are quite scary considering it's NC16. But I thought it was quite cliched, the corrupt police versus the good citizens kind of thing.

Then after watching Changeling, we went to watch another movie. Inkheart. Haha. Maybe it's because I saw an NC16 rated drama immediately before seeing a PG rated fantasy, but I thought the movie's plot was rather normal. Haha. But dragon's breath was funny la.

Then we rushed down for worship practice cause Victor was the drummer, Jolene was backup singing and me playing guitar. =/ Reached there quite late, even though we took a taxi from J8 to Church and wasted $3. Haha.

New Year's Eve was spent at home with my family, reunion dinner and all that. Then we went out to catch the countdown at Chinatown. =D We left the house at 11.10pm, so we reached there with only like 10 minutes to spare. The fireworks/firecrackers were rather disappointing, less than 5 minutes. Hahaha. Heng we didn't go there at 9pm and wait for 2 hours like the people there.

Went walking around Chinatown, haha. I think my father's more lame than me you know. He went to pose with this traffic police motorcycle by the roadside like a tourist and this traffic policeman came running over. Hahaha.

First and Second day of the New Year was spent visiting relatives and all that. Received about $200 in Ang Baos, but I'm not complaining cause it's quite a lot already. Heehee.

Third day was spent playing basketball in the Morning with Chee Sheng, Wei Kit, Macrina, Mark, and Eugene. Woei Jiun, Elaine and Li Jing came wanting to bai nian but my parent's weren't home. Hahaha. Then they went up to my house and watched 蜡笔小新. O.o Nina and Hao Xiang came in the afternoon, then the girls all left whilst the guys played blackjack.

Wah. Don't play blackjack with Hao Xiang man. For some reason he kept winning. Hahaha. -.-

Then Hao Xiang, Eugene, Chee Sheng and I went to eat dinner at Pastamania, Hougang Mall. Hahaha. Started doing this stupid thing whenever I saw a student from HIHS where I would shout loudly to Hao Xiang: "EH Your school one leh!! You also HIHS one right?! Say Hi!" Hahaha.

Went swimming at Eugene's house whilst Hao Xiang went home cause it was a school night and Chee Sheng went home cause he had dinner. Hahaha. Swam a couple of laps, but was quite tired already. I could swim the entire length of the swimming pool underwater leh, cause the pool wasn't very big compared to other swimming complexes la.

Then we went to his Condominum's sauna. =O The sauna was, hot.


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