Monday, 13 October 2008

Graduation Ceremony.

Okay, Graduation Ceremony was last Friday. Erm, a rather formal and significant event I guess, since it marks the end of our Secondary school life and the beginning of a new chapter for us all. Okay that sounds so chim. Blah.

Anyways, went to school at around 5pm. Got our class t-shirts. Gah. I don't think the design looks nice. =( Hoody would have been so much better in my opinion, although much less practical in a country like Singapore. Haha.

Thanks to Mr Lai, Ryan, Chit Min, Hao Xiang and Wilson for helping take photos that day. =) Haha. Ivan and me kept posing for pictures when we went up the stage to collect our folders.
Like: "Mr Lai Mr Lai!"
Then *Snap* *Snap*
Few seconds later: "Chit Min Chit Min!"
Then *Snap* *Snap*

Oh! And our class video was cut off at some parts. Hahaha. Like me and mah buddy Airil, we cool with da Vampires man. /insidejoke

Haha. Took pictures after the ceremony too.

Sec 4 Integrity 2008. =) I have about 15+ pictures with almost the same pose, hahaha.

Lenson. Ryan. Me. Hotshoe! =D

Ryan with Lenson's and his 70-200mm lenses, giving the "Whatever" look.

Stayed back in school for a while, then went to MacDonald's for supper with Ryan, Lenson and Alvin.
I can't bear this picture.

Lots more pictures, but won't post them here. =)

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