Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Was at this Basic Photography workshop for my school's cca some Saturday back (Which Stephen and Wei Ting signed up with me for but conveniently could not make it) when I got an sms from my Dad telling me that there was going to be fireworks at Yishun that evening.

Haha so I messaged Ryan if he wanted to go. And we went la.

It was quite boring. The Basic Photography workshop I mean, too many photographers trying to show off their talents and knowledge of cameras and equipment and they taught all the basic stuff about aperture and shutter and iso which Minghui the expert already knows.

I don't really see how shooting in manual mode or in raw means you learn how to take photos though. Whoever shoots in manual mode in bright daylight where auto focus and auto metering modes which would probably function excellently if not better than said user probably has too much time on their hands. We should have all gone to Crackers? as part of the workshop since I was shooting in raw and using manual mode hahaha.

Anyways, Crackers? was the closing celebration for the Singapore Arts Festival this year. awesome. Met Ryan in the evening and we took 85 to Yishun interchange, where the performance was held at. Had dinner at Yoshinoya, then walked to the perimeter and set up.

Ryan taking a picture.
Ryan reviewing his picture. Hahaha priceless blurry shot causing I was laughing and didn't focus properly. =D

After about 5 minutes of standing around and other photographers setting up near us (Ryan showing off his loong lens heehee) we decided to change our positions to one of the HDB blocks around the area as the high-rise flats would give a better perspective as well as a bird's eye view of the area. =)

From our location.

My family was somewhere in the crowd hahaha.

Oh yes this stupid crazy incident happened in the lift on our way up. Hahaha unforgetable.

Lift was pretty crowded, so me and Ryan were standing quite close to each other. Some family with a bunch of girls our age or younger, and I think a few other random people. All talking loudly and chatting.

Ryan: "Minghui you are crushing my filters"
(I was unfortunately leaning against the bag where Ryan keeps his lens filters)

Minghui: "Huh Foetus? You pregnant ah?"
(Me pretending that Ryan said foetus instead of filters and asking him a stupid question)

At this point everyone in the lift has one of those awkward silences, or *cough* pregnant pauses.

Ryan: "Foetus what foetus?! I not pregnant laaa"

Everyone in the lift bursts out laughing. Including the bunch of girls, their parents and me. =D

Anyways, waited a while for the event to start. Then...

The event wasn't just fireworks, more like firecrackers and flames and pyrotechnics and rockets and all that flashy fiery stuff. Awesome. =D

The entire thing lasted for about 45 minutes too. Awesome. =D

Then before you knew it it was over. =/ The place was pretty smoke-filled after that.

Smoke. And the construction of some buildings nearby. I think all the workers stopped working for safety reasons la, or to watch the event.

One of the signs near the entrance.

Went around, took random pictures until we got fed up with mosquitoes, then went home.

And then, I went back the next day with my family this time. Awesome. =D

Wasn't allowed to use a tripod inside the enclosure. But flash photography was allowed hahaha, or at least not strictly prohibited. =)

Using flash wasn't very nice though, so just shot most of the pictures handheld in whatever light there was. The view from inside was pretty awesome too.

There were like weird scarecrow people flapping their wings up and down.

Huge gigantic flames. See the small man next to the flame. =D

Rockets whizzing around and making loud whizzing noises.

And fireworks all around you. Awesome.

Awesome. Hahaha. Oh yes wondered what would happen if I stitched the different photos of fireworks taken from a same angle. So messed around in Photoshop and created a composite of 9 images taken roughly 3 or 4 seconds apart.


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