Saturday, 31 January 2009

Dog Training.

No Minghui did not go for training. -.- Nor did he send Snowie for training. Went to Speaker's Corner/Hong Lim Park 2 Sundays back cause Kenny asked Koon Tat to come and Koon Tat didn't want to go by himself so he asked me and Kenny said I could come also and I came because I pangsehed him on a Sunday a very long time ago. Ta dah.

Brought my camera, and guess what I took pictures of? Dogs! (WAO)

Kenny 's dog. =D

It was like the same thing as the dog show during National Day Celebrations at school last year, except this time they were training only la.


Looks like Snowie right! Haha. He's a cross between a Maltese and Poodle. I think.

Siberian Husky. =O

Koon Tat and me stayed there for a while, then I had to leave cause I was late for Church and was supposed to give an announcement for the Youth with Xiao Ling hahaha. =/

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