Saturday, 24 January 2009

Undignified 2009.

Went down to Grace Methodist Church a few Saturdays back cause there was a Worship workshop/conference kind of thing. And they had a funfair so we set up a stall selling hot dogs and can drinks. =)

Oh yes went down to Church early on Friday too to design posters for the stalls with Jolene and Rachel. Although I mostly did coloring. Haha.

Pictures! Most weren't taken by me I think. =D


I think we used up a fair bit of Rachel's crayons from colouring haha. =S

Dog face drawn by Melanie haha.

Hot dog. Nicer than Ikea one.

Spent the afternoon there eating, and selling, and exploring the other stalls.

Table soccer! Timothy and me lost to Melanie and Ming Ren by 1 goal. =/

Coleman and Cedric engrossed in Winning 11. Haha.

Stayed for the night worship too which was okay. Haha. Was quite loud with 6 drummers at the same time. =O And you couldn't really hear the keyboardist guy from Hillsong at the end.

Took a train back home with my sister at around 11pm. =) More photos on Facebook here.

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