Friday, 9 January 2009

Passing Out Parade.

Wee I'm so far behind in blogging. Passing out parade was on the 23rd December. Or Christmas Eve Eve. Haha. Went to school early in the Morning, had dress rehearsal first, then was the actual thing already. I asked Mrs Ku to help me pin cause she was supervising netball people. =D

Okay anyways, parade itself went okay. Made a couple of mistakes la, but never mind. At least I didn't turn the wrong way or zao sia or something. =P I got promoted to Staff Sergeant too! Hahaha. Should have promoted earlier then I can get A1 for CCA.

Oh yes. Thanks to Ryan, Lenson and Stephen for helping to take photos. =D All the pictures below are taken by either one of them la. Hahaha.

I think I'm like, stupidly posing for pictures all the time hahaha.

Parade Commander Phua Wei Ting. Hahaha.

Mrs Ku my PE Teacher! =D

Throwing Berets. Nicer picture from Ryan is here. =D

Hotshoe! Haha. Lenson was holding the camera up.

Me with Hao Xiang's Mum, or my Brother. Hahaha.

Chuan Hui grabbing food!

Group photos. If I'm not wrong, one from each camera. Haha.

Rest of the pictures including those above on Facebook. Shall blog about Farewell party later. Haha.

Starring Hao Xiang and Me. =D

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