Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Sec 2 Adventure Camp 2009.

Went to take pictures of the camp with Lenson on the Second Day, which was a few weeks back. Haha.

Sort of like last year cause it was at the same location too, although they didn't go kayaking this time cause of crocodiles reported in the area. =/

Anyways, spent the entire day there from like 9am to 11pm. We did go out at some point for dinner with Uncle Zhi Ming, saw some really ulu places and abandoned buildings and army soldiers training. Haha.

Joshua when he first saw me there. Hahaha.

Lenson with Mr Goh's Canon G9. =)

Yi Hong wanted me to take a 'very 帅' picture of him belaying. -.- (Not possible ah hahaha)

Belayers posing when they should be looking at the climbers. =D

Lenson the video taking picture shooting global warming ape activist. =)

Water bottle, 7up, Fire Hydrant, Sprite.

Someone's pen! =O

Apes eat bananas. Hahaha.

Trying to make my fingers look extra long with a wide angle lens. Haha.

Emcees for campfire.


Went home really late after that. Thanks to Uncle Zhi Ming for fetching us or we would never find our way out ourselves. Haha.

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