Monday, 5 January 2009

Before Passing Out.

Ah I'm really lazy to go blog everything out so shall just summarize the past few days before POP.

Came back from Youth Camp on Friday. Then found on Saturday that I was arrowed to be flag-bearer for POP cause Chee Sheng was going to Thailand. -.- So went to school on Saturday to rehearse. Haha. Forgot like lots of things after not doing drills for 6months+. =S

Took pictures too! Heh. Because Chee Sheng can't make it for POP so we took pictures with him in Full U first hahaha.

Patrick The NPCC Cadet.

SI Koo. Hahaha.

Tried lots of times to take a serious serious picture. But someone ah, cannot stop smiling. -.-

Haha. Sec 3s were preparing for our POP so we asked Frankie to help us take pictures too.

Then went down to Beach Road with Hao Xiang and Wei Kit to buy badges. Saw this cat on the way back.

Hahaha. The cat was stoning there watching us walk past, stop, me taking out my camera, and only moved towards me after I took this picture. =D

Heh. Something stupid happened to Hao Xiang on the bus back at 4.30pm. =O

Kites outside my window. But had to crop extensively since I don't have a super telephoto. =(

Went to play basketball at around midnight with Hao Xiang at Punggol. Abit crazy la, it's like a weekly thing now. Haha. Reached home at around 1am, then woke up at 6am to go send Chee Sheng off at the airport!

Was like half-dead already but we dragged ourselves there okay. Then we went to the viewing mall at terminal 2 and lazed around. Ate Burger King for breakfast, then I went to my Church whilst Hao Xiang went to his. Hahaha. And my family didn't go to Church on that day because they were painting the house and thought I was still in my room sleeping! =S

Had Youth Camp debrief after service, then went back home. Fell asleep on the bus back. In fact, I've been falling asleep on every bus/mrt ride lately. Even when standing. =/

Monday was rehearsal for POP again, this time with the whole unit. Had to get used to the uncomfortable feeling of the flag pocket pouch thingy. Haha. Our school's pouches is like, made of clay unlike the softer cloth ones at NPAP which seems like a zillion years ago already.

Then went for lunch at some random place which I've forgotten, and went back home. Went to Lenson's house in the evening to take the Sunset! Haha. But the sunset wasn't really nice leh. =/

Ah wells. At least got lots of nice looking clouds. =D

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