Sunday, 25 January 2009

O Level Results.

Got back my O level results on the 12th January.

But before that, I went swimming! Hahaha. Cycled all the way to Sengkang to meet Ivan and View Meng first, then we cycled to Hougang swimming complex and met Jude and Hui Joo there. Was perspiring already when I reached Sengkang, so by the time we reached Hougang I was quite tired already. So only swam about 20 laps. =D

Then Ivan went home whilst we still had about 2 hours to kill, so the 4 of us went to play Left 4 Dead. Hahaha. The lan shop was quite empty cause students were still in schools, and the 4 of us were like super noisy. Heehee.

Then had lunch at Hougang Mall, and went to school to wait.

My results were quite okay for me. 12 for l1r4 and 17 for l1r5. Not 6 points like some people *looks away from Victor*, but they were much better than what I expected, considering the circumstances and all that happened at the time. Thought I would fail Maths but I got C5! =D

Oh and my teacher told me I couldn't get my results back at first until I paid my school fees. -.- So I went down to the general office to pay but the lady there said I didn't have to pay so I went back up but my teacher didn't believe me so we both went down and my teacher realised I didn't need to pay so I was the only student to get my result slip in the general office. Hahaha.

Stayed in school for a while, then cycled back to Punggol Plaza with Chit Min cause he didn't want to pay bus fare. -.- Watched him eat KFC then went home.

Spent the rest of the week deciding where to go. I'm not going to a JC cause I don't want to learn Chinese and Maths anymore haha. Went to Singapore Polytechnic with Koon Tat, Denise and Fiona on Wednesday, and Temasek Polytechnic with View Meng, Hui Joo and Jude on Thursday. And we went to play Left 4 Dead again after that hahaha.

Cell group was okay. First time singing backup for worship. =) Can't really remember anything else other than that. =\

Went to Ryan's house on Saturday with Lenson to practice. Wee. Tried unsuccessfully to connect our laptops and play Left 4 Dead (again -.-) but me and Lenson's laptops were super laggy even at the lowest graphic settings time to buy new laptops hah Only Ryan's laptop the most power one ah. Haha.

Spent the day there practicing different songs. =)

Okay I think my post is quite unrelated to O level results already. Haha.

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