Monday, 5 January 2009

Room Light.

The light in my room has burnt out.

The light was all fine and dandy with no apparent sign of it's lifespan ending at first, then there were ominous flickers for a few seconds, before a short *fizz* sound. And everything around me became enveloped in darkness.

I guess it was about time, seeing as how the light in my room has been my unfailing companion throughout the past 4 or 5 years, always lighting up when I switch it on without complaints or delays, be it 3am in the Morning or 5pm in the Afternoon. It has always been a permanent fixture in my life, hanging at the ceiling of my room and watching over me.

Maybe it's a timely reminder of how I take many things in life for granted.

Or it's metaphoric with the darkness that I'm going through right now.

It could also be symbolic of the fragility of life, how we all have to fizzle out one day, and how death and darkness can come suddenly without warning.


However, it could just mean that it's time for me to change the light bulb! Thanks for wasting 5 minutes of your time! (Longer if you're a slow reader or spent time wondering if I was suicidal or depressed. Shorter if you just skipped to the end because you got lazy)

Oh yes, my room light did actually fizzle out yesterday. Hahaha. Replaced it with a nice new 3000K light bulb already. =P

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