Wednesday, 14 January 2009

New Year.

Celebrated the New Year with a barbecue with Sec 4 Mata people. Couldn't make it for the Watchnight service, and couldn't go with the photography people nor my family to catch the fireworks too. =/

Anyways, met Hao Xiang on New Year's Eve first and we went swimming. Haha. Swam 30 laps whilst Hao Xiang swam 10. =P Then walked off to Hougang Mall. There was a Pasar Malam there and we saw people playing this.

Hah. If I were them I'd smuggle needles inconspicuously in and claim a refund as well as compensation for emotional and physical damages arising defects in their equipment. =D Or I'd just focus my attempt on pushing the other person out onto the field. Heehee.

Had a Ramly Burger! Hao Xiang didn't eat cause he ate a ramly burger before meeting me already.

Walked over to Hao Xiang's grandmother's house because he wanted to drop off his clothes or something. Then we saw this.

N Lvl Top Scorer's car. =D

Walked to Eugene's house, and played around for a while.

Saw this book in Eugene's house and I think everyone should read this book because it's stupidly funny. Hahaha. And the website is ZOO WEE MAMA.

Someone's Handphone uh.

Some guys arh. Tsk tsk.

Yi Hong's shirt looks like mine hahaha.

Set up the fire sometime around 6pm. Since we are ,you know, expert NPCC Campcraft people uh, setting up a barbecue fire was easy. Heh. And it was really windy so there was no need to fan too. =)

Adidas. Tried to make a Nike one but the curve was too difficult haha.

Eugene has this awesome hammock which is very relaxing. At least until it snaps. Hahaha. Eugene's sister Rachel was like swinging the hammock with me in it, then *snap* and I landed on the floor. Was quite painful, hahahaha.

Joshua the smoke man!

Joshua's Gigantic Satay. It was like two pieces wedged together. =O

Our cups drawn by Nina. =)

Haha and we celebrated Olivia's birthday too. Cake was baked by a bunch of the girls.

Spent the night owning people at Halo 3, laughing at the way Yi Hong plays Left 4 Dead, playing Scrabble/Dai di, watching IP man for a bit, and eating. =D

Snow! Wee.

Fell asleep at around 7am cause everyone else was asleep already and there was nothing to do. Haha =/ Woke up at 10+ and went home. =)

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