Sunday, 18 January 2009

Woei Jiun's Birthday.

Went out for dinner to celebrate Woei Jiun's birthday on the 3rd of January. Woah. She's 17 already leh. Hahaha.
That's Woei Jiun. =)

Went to Sakae Sushi at Park Mall for buffet. Hahaha. Did lots of stupid random things there. Like, putting a bunch of things into different Ang Baos that we got from somewhere. Heh. We put like, 10 cents(for her to use the toilet), tissue paper(for her to use when in the toilet), a small ice pack(to stay cool), and those vegetable dressing things from a plate of salmon. =D But sadly, she didn't stick her hand in without looking first la. Hahaha.


Chee Sheng's scrumptious contemporary birthday cake masterpiece for Woei Jiun.

Chee Sheng the Chef. See the eyes of concentration!!

Joshua the NIKE AIR man.

Joshua when he first discovered Sakae Sushi. =)

Okay we cut cake and sang birthday song but we didn't eat the cake cause we were too full already. Hahaha. Went back home at around 9pm cause Woei Jiun didn't want to be home too late.

Then Hao Xiang came to my house and we played basketball at night again. Hahaha. This time I realised Hao Xiang is a very cunning person uh. Something to do with reminding him it was the 4th of January and midnight and all that. Hmph. -.-

Played until 1+, then went for supper, then went back home. =)

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